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Thread: I'm delighted with my spatulata

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    I just got my plant yesterday. I was very surprised by how small the plant is and I'm kinda disappointed by its appearance still I'm not going to return it because it's still a rather beautiful thing. I would like to know from other people that have ordered D. Spatulatas from this site if the plant grows bigger, if so how big does it get and how long does it take to grow bigger? Thanks, L.A. Traphole

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    Hey traphole,
    An individual spatulata usually stays pretty small. The largest I've ever heard of was 4 or 5 inches across, but none of mine have come anywhere close to that. Mine larges is maybe 1 and 1/2 or 2 inches in diameter.
    That said, they become much more impressive when they clump...You can literally have a sundew carpet with these far as the eye can see...
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    Phil has clumps of spathulata in his garden that rival a softball...

    your plant is small because it is young, petflytrap has been moving stuff so fast lately they don't have the room to hold plants for very long. The plants are hardened off from Tissue Culture at the Labs Greenhouse, Phil gets them in, puts them in the greenhouse and holds them long enough to add a little bulk, ensure that they are pest free, and when they ship, they always pick the best plants and never send out something that is sub-par. So rest assured, you got a good plant.

    I actually, have probably seen your plant! Isn't that kinda a neat thought. The batch you bought from was probably in the greenhouse last time I was in Houston, and I thought they were quite nice specimens!
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