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Thread: Tamlin thank you

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    I just received some Drosera scorpioides from you in the mail, thank you so much.
    Seeing as these are my first pygmies would you be willing to offer any cultural advice? Ive read most of whats available about this species but its always nice to hear from a grower, especially when there in the same zone.
    Ive put them in a 1:2 mixture of peat and silica, in a slightly oversized deep pot, nothing but R/O H2o.
    Ive got them roughly 4 inches from 160w of flourescents, Ill probably end up moving them closer.
    Well any insight would be greatly welcome.
    Thank you!

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    Sounds perfect. If you notice any green at the surface, spray with a fine mist daily until it is leached away. Keep the humidity up.
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    If they look to be alive, plant them, all of them. I have had a rather low sprouting yeild in my pigmies (28 planted, 1 sprouted... a very happy sprout, but only 1)
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