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Thread: Good beginner sundews

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    April 2003: No CPs.
    Oct 31, 2003:
    Cepahlotus 'Hummer's Giant' (cuttings, hurting)

    Dioneae muscipula (VFTs)
    Dente Cultivar
    Red Dragon
    Typical (2)

    Drosera (Sundews)
    D. nitidula x pulchella
    D. scorpiodes
    D. filiformis ssp. tracyi
    D. dichotoma
    D. spatulata (given to Carrie)
    D. dielsiana (cutting too!)
    D. alicia (cutting lives!)
    D. adelae
    D. venusta
    D. rotundifolia

    Heliamphora (Sundews)
    H. heterodoxa x minor

    Nepenthes (Highland)
    N. alata "boschiana mimic"
    N. alata luzon "speckled"
    N. sanguinea
    N. maxima
    N. maxima
    N. ventricosa "red"
    N. lowii
    N. truncata

    Nepenthes (Lowland)
    N. gracilis
    N. raflesiana
    N. albormaringata
    N. ampularia "spotted"

    Nepenthes (Hybrid)
    N. alata x ventricosa
    N. maxima x albomarginata
    N. maxima x ventricosa
    N. hirsuta x vetchii
    N. ventricosa x bongso
    N. ventricosa x ?? (seems like a ventricosa. Good.)
    N. x "efflugent" Koto (mirabilis x thorelii)
    N. x Ile de France [(mirabilis x thorelii) x (northiana x maxima)]
    N. x Petra Giant [ventricosa x (talangensis x bongso)]
    N. x Manny Herrera (miribalis x khasiana)
    N. x trichocharpa (ampularia x gracilis)
    N. x Judith Finn (spathulata x veitchii )
    N. x Weigneri ((thorelii x maxima) x (rafflesiana x hirsuta)) or (x 'Balmy' Koto x x Intermedia)
    N. x Wrigleyana [mirabilis x (rafflesiana x ampullaria)]
    N. x Splendiana (kampotiana x maxima)
    N. x Holland (unknown hybrid)
    N. x 'home depot'
    N. x Rokko (thorelii x maxima)

    P. laueana 'purple'
    P. esseriana
    P. primuliflora
    P. moranensis

    Sarracenia (American Pitcher)
    S. rubra ssp. rubra
    S. purpurea x flava (ornata)
    S. x Judith Hindle
    S. x "tarnok"
    S. oreophila #2 Sand Mt.

    Utricularia (Bladderworts)
    U. bisquamata
    U. lividia

    Malo Periculosam Libertatem Quam Quietum Servitium

    My photos are copyright-free and public domain

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    This plant came from Glubers.

    Lookking at the website, they have listed only 2 species. D. rotundifolia and D. adelae.

    That clinches the indentity.

    Now to move it away from the window....

    lol....I can't believe their are 3 Cp's in the house already!

    While that might have made a perfectly good are some Q's!

    Some of the older leaves don't have dew on them. Will these leaves produce dew under better conditions they are now getting?(not hidden away on a rack in Lowes).

    Though Im going ot wait until the plant has established itself completely before tring, do leaf cuttings work for this sundew>
    1 Nxventrata

    D. muscipula & D. muscipula 'Red Dragon'(barely)

    Sarracenia leucophylla(seedling)

    S. purpurea and Drosera filiformis filiformis/ intermedia seeds waiting to sprout.

    Drosera capensis

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