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Thread: Drosera ID Challenge

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    Here's a good challenge for anyone with lots of time and lives in Georgia (or where ever)
    Great Opportunity for the Right Volunteer
    with the World Environmental Organization
    Jeff Gold

    Hello everyone,

    We need some help from a "Drosera" expert. We have several hundred pots
    with a
    large variety of Drosera with seeds that need to be harvested. We also have
    couple hundred pots of pygmy sundews with gemmae that need to be harvested.

    In total we probably have 200 - 400 different species/varieties of Drosera
    seed. Some seed has drifted though, so we need someone with a good
    knowledge of
    Drosera that can help identify plants that might have grown in a pot by
    to ensure we don't mislabel seed that is collected. (We have several
    CP references to help with this.)

    We don't have a budget for this, but I can supply a free plane ticket to
    along with a place for you to stay for a few days to a week while you work
    on this.
    You are also welcome to share in some of the seed harvested from varieties
    that are
    abundant, which is many of them. (This could also be an excellent
    internship with
    the possibility of university credit if you are in a botany program.)

    We would then like the person to help package up the collected seed for
    distribution to botanical gardens and universities around the world. This is
    nonprofit, 501c3 project, with an aim to ensure the survival of a variety of
    species with specific locality data.

    If you might be interested in this, or know someone who might, please email
    directly (off the list). If you are interested, please send an email
    your background related to CP along with the names and phone numbers of two
    that are familiar with your CP knowledge that can act as references.

    Best wishes,

    - Jeff Gold

    Web Site: http://www.World.Org
    Jeff Gold, Senior Scientist

    World Environmental Organization
    Southeast U.S. Headquarters
    2001 J.T. Elder Road
    Watkinsville, Georgia 30677

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    Good luck on that... and "oooohhhhh William......"
    Kevin Peterson
    Grosse Pointe, MI

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    Wow, what an offer! I wish I would be a little better on sundews taxonomy

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    Hi Jeff,

    I wrote to you offering the resources of TerraForums to help you with your plants. I am sure that Fernando will assist, and I have the kind regards of Robert Gibson and possibly even Jan if he is not too busy. There's no way I can get away for a week though.

    Regarding your planned gemmae shipment, I have found a superior method of packing the gemmae over the protocol that you use. Just place the gemmae in small plastic envelopes (the kind used for stamps or coins, or possibly the smaller lunch type zip locks that are a half baggie, and add 3 drops of water per 3 x 3 inch of space (probably 10 drops per the larger half bag.

    Also the use of a gemmae vacum will go a long way in saving your eyes and back.

    I would be very happy to assist W.E.O. in any way possible. As far as being able to ID juvenille strays in your pots, I doubt that anyone could help you with this. Your best bet there would be to send me the plants to grow on, ID and return to you, letting me know what the "best guess" possibilities are based on what's growing around them. I currently have the space to do this. Juvenille plants do not express the determining characteristics needed, thse qualities are more often associated with details of scape, flowers and seed.

    Hopefully soon I will have a good microscope, and will be able to assist you by seed identification.

    In any regards, my highest compliments for the good work you are doing to preserve our biodiversity. This is my goal as well, although I am working more in the "private sector". I hope we can assist each other in our mutual goals.

    Welcome to TerraForums!
    "Grow More, Share More"

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