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Thread: Clone wars

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    Sorry I've been gone lately, exams again

    Wow, another Update to the bords, cool

    Okay actual post time:

    Wow, how bizar is this? I went home last weekend and discoverd a TON of my plants had divided and/or veggitative aproximated(is that how I would say that?) themselves o_O

    I can't help but wonder why all of my dews would take up such an interest at once, although the humidity had dropped since I forgot to plug the fountain back in.

    Whatever the case, my D. binatata has started a 4th (yes 4th) clone of it'self, this one is very small so it might be some other dews seedling, it's hard to say. When I got this plant from Steve at the Meijer Gardens it had two growing points, one of which divided two weeks ago. Wow, was this a nice gift or what?

    Anyhow, in addition, both of my D. Spatulata varrients from Copper have started their first clones of themselves. These are both off of old leaves that touched down. The D. nautilensis(sp?) just devided it'self (how something so small can do this I don't know, but it did... how big do these get, both halfs together are smaller then a dime). And yes, the D. intermedia she sent has also made a plantlet off of a dropped leaf! 0_o is this crasy or what? The only dews in the whole terrarium to not clone themselves last week are my D. Adela, which might have, but I can't see the soil under the leaves and the D. Spatulata from the Meijer Gardens that I cooked... I think it is dead, but I'm holding out on a merical.

    My P. primuliflora(sp?...brain burp) made 3 clones last week and two of my Sarr have started new growth points... I think my plants are compeating to see who can reproduce the most veggitatively.

    I'm happy. I just hope everyone continues to stay healthy.
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    lol. wow awesome!!
    I love Vin Diesel!! *Growl* Nobody better talk bad about him or else!!!

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