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Thread: D. anglica & spatulata winter care

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    I just received my first sundews. I received an Anglica and Spatulata. The both came in plastic ziploc bags. The Anglica is just the roots wrapped in a moistened papertowel. The Spatulata still has the stems/filaments (they are brownish) and the roots are also wrapped in a moist papertowel.

    My question is, what do I do now? Do I leave them in their plastic bags...perhaps stick them in the refridgerator to keep them dormant? Do I plant them in spagnum? If I do plant them, is it best that they are in a terrarium or keep them in an open container? Should I plant them together (in a terrarium)? Do I cut back on water for both of them?

    I'm sorry for all of the questions. I've successfully raised VFT and pitcher plants, but I've never done Sundews. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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    Dwight, welcome to the forums! plant hem in the sphagnum and keep them open tray method on a window sill. But before they are totally open tray, there is a good possibility that they are in shck or need some "soft growing until they acclimate. Keep them covered for a few days and slowly acclimate them to theor new surroundings. Don't worry about the existing leaves, if they die off. Look for new growth.

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