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Thread: Time lapse: d. adelae flower opening

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    Hey everybody,

    Here is another Time Lapse shot I worked on yesterday. I didn't adjust for the flowers potential to move radically towards the light source. I expected some movement but was disappointed to see how much more it angled away from the camera than I thought it would. Instead of opening wide mouthed directly at the camera lens, it turned way to the right! Oh well, this video is spectacular anyhow. You will see the anthers swell and turn more yellow if you look closely. If you can, double the size of the video through quicktime, it shows up better. The next video I make should be even better!

    D. adelae flower
    Flower is a little over 1/2 cm. = 0.6 cm large (tiny flower)
    Time Lapse length: 15 and 1/2 hours
    1 picture every minute = a little over 920 photos taken

    Even LARGER file!! 19.6 MB!!

    Here are some stills I took after the time-lapse was finished:

    D. adelae purchased from a garden center one year ago:

    Wife and I in the Netherlands. Sure miss living out there.

    My growlist
    A list of beginner CPs

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    It reminds me of an amaryllis, only a whole lot smaller!

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