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Quote[/b] (PinguiculaMan @ Mar. 07 2005,8:17)]BTW it is extremely unlikely that seed from a cultivar of Dionaea muscipula would be true to type, even if self-pollinated.
This is absolutely correct. However, self-pollinated seed from Dionaea 'Red Dragon' will usually produce all red colored VFT seedlings, but it is unlikely that these seedlings will show the vigor of the plant specifically selected for TC and registered as the cultivar 'Red Dragon'. There are many scrawny plants being circulated as 'Red Dragon' (I have some of those) that are probably the result of seedlings rather than cloning the true cultivar. Most registered cultivars are an individual plant that was selected from a group of plants because it was "different". That difference, if genetic and not based on growing conditions, can be maintained with asexual reproduction (cloning), but generally not from seed. There are always exceptions: For example, Drosera 'Albino' seedlings maintain the white flower and green leaves.

One should always have deep skepticism about the correct identity of the plants they receive, whether cultivars or species. There are a lot of misidentified plants being circulated, either because of ignorance or dishonesty. Reproducing and distributing cultivars by seed is one culprit.