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Thread: Night temp solution

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    I am planning on using the following method for growing drosera that require cool nights ( D.slakii, D.admirabillis). At night, they will be put into an insulated lunchbox with an ice pack. Depending on size, 2-3 plants will be put in a luchbox for the night. Does this sound like a good idea?

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    I've seen Tony P. recommend ice packs in the terrarium for Neps, so it's worth a try. At least, I think it was Tony... I tried to search for it but searching for "ice" turns up everything with "nice" in it, which includes just about every thread with a picture.
    Anyhow, I think it might even get a little too cold - maybe wrap a towel around the pack? Checking with a thermometer might not be a bad idea.
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