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Thread: D. capensis and spatulata

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    Hey all. I have some recently sprouted capensis seedlings in a couple of pots that aren't as spread out as I'd like. How large should I let them grow before separating them?

    I also have two spatulata seedlings from a batch I sowed a while back. These seedlings are quite recent. Can I expect them to have any more seedlings, or is that likely the entire yield?

    Lastly, I just sowed a few Byblis liniflora seeds. About how long should it take them to germinate? Thanks.

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    You can separate seedlings any time you wish. Just get a plastic spoon and get underneath them. You can even do this with Byblis or pigmy sundews as long as you get underneath and around them, so as not to disturb their root systems.

    With germinating seeds, there is always potential for more to sprout over time. I had Byblis seeds germinate within a 7-10 day span. I have also had them keep me waiting for 3 months.

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