Soth American Drosera would not like these conditions at all, preferring cooler conditions, good light and air circulation. A night time drop in temperature is almost essential, although the daytime temps. are not so critical, provided the roots don't overheat.

Almost ALL Drosera prefer cool roots, much light and air circulation to be at their best, although undoubtably many will hang on in the stated conditions. Petiolaris Drosera do appreciate an overall even warmth, but they are some of the most light hungry Drosera which would probably exclude them from your terraria.

I have had D. spatulata grow in the most light starved conditions imaginable, although the form and color is atypical. The Queensland sundews would probably do ok, as well as many other semitropical species, but they will be somewhat atypical: pale and etiolated to greater or lesser degree.