If anybody wants D.rotundifolia seeds, read below...

Hi all,

I have some seed of Drosera rotundifolia from South Fallsburg, Catskill Mountains, New York State. These plants were found growing in a very sunny, sandy field adjacent to a wet area with a little bit of sphagnum and lots of cattails. All of the plants I saw were smaller (~1" wide max) and redder than those I've seen elsewhere over the years, possibly because of the bright light and dry conditions they experience at this site. I've also seen plants with forked scapes at this location, but I think this is normal for rotunds?

Anyway, I fear this population may be destroyed in the future and I'd like to send seed to people who will make an effort to keep this material alive for years to come and freely distribute it to others. If you have success growing other D.rotundifolias and are interested in this preservation effort, please email me privately with your name and address. If I have enough seed, I will try to send you some when I find the time. This may take a couple months as I have some plants I need to unload first in my CP time, which is limited. In return, I'd like $1 for postage and materials from US growers or $2 from international growers, but please only send money AFTER you receive seed from me. Or email me a list of seed you have to swap. I'm trying to make this whole process as quick and painless as possible - without having to email back and forth - since I'm really busy with other things right now so please email me only once about this. You probably won't hear back from me unless it's regarding a trade - if I have enough seed for you, you'll just get it in the mail when I have time to send it.