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Thread: Succulent package - No Longer Available

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    Succulent package - No Longer Available

    Succulent package

    This package contains:

    1 Echeveria Black Prince cutting
    Good-sized/mature cutting. Would not be unreasonable to expect them to bloom this winter/spring. Full sun is necessary for best coloration.

    10 Echeveria runyonii Topsy Turvy cuttings
    Smallish cuttings which I would expect will reach blooming size within a year. Many of the cuttings already have rootlets. Some even have an additional baby plantlet.

    1 Bryophyllum delagoense
    Small rooted plant. Has already produced some plantlets.

    2 Huernia schneideriana cuttings

    1 Haworthia venosa subsp tessellate
    Small pup that fell off my mother plant while repotting.

    2 Haworthia retusa var. acuminata f. variegata
    Two pups that fell off my mother plant during repotting. Have some root nubs still in the rooting stage.

    1 Echeveria Etna
    Beheaded my plant recently. This is the pup which has formed on the bottom section of the stem. (So fully rooted already.)

    Cuttings should be left unplanted for several days to a week minimum to allow the cut ends to fully callus over. (Doing so minimizes chances of the cuttings rotting.) Plant in a gritty/co**** media which will drain freely. I would not advise using most of the premade cacti/succulent mixes typically sold as they tend to be utterly ?crap-tacularly? bad. (Though there are those folks who do succeed with them) A mix of fine grade fir bark, Turface/perlite, and chicken grit often works well. Basically, aim for particle size to be in the range of 2-5mm. Media may be lightly dampened (by misting for example) until the plants have rooted. Once rooted, watering can be increased.

    Plants shipped bareroot. Shipping covers a small flat rate box. US Only.

    The following are photos of the plants being offered.

    List Date: 6/30/2015

    For more info, click here to view the original listing: Succulent package
    This item is no longer available.


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    Ooh love the huerina s. And the haworthias!!
    Wish i had the shipping ahrg! Im missing out on so much cool giveaways and trades/sales Goodluck to who gets these Awsome buy!
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