Misc Sarrs...

Bog thinnings! Shipping is included in the cost. Paypal only. If you want them all... $40

Courtii AF x "Green Monster" #3 - $12

Noid A Division #6 - I seeded this one 3 years back. I know it has some purp in there. It's gotten a very large open upward facing mouth, even with getting shaded by taller plants this year. - $7

Noid A Division #7 - same as above. - $6

Noid Division #19 - These have some minor in there. It does red up during points of the year. Please note the magazine in the shot is 11" tall. So these are some decent sized plants. - 10$

Minor #32 - large health tuber.. multiple growth points. The pic shows a magazine that is 11" tall next to it. - $10

List Date: 10/15/2015

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