Where can I find/buy/trade/kidnap a bical with completely (or almost completely) red pitchers, such as Sunbelle Exotics' "red x orange No.1"? (even if it was in their catalog, it's difficult to order them from Taiwan....)

Here are two other examples from Yamada:
http://www.hbs.ne.jp/home/s-yamada/sc02557.jpg (red)
http://www.hbs.ne.jp/home/s-yamada/sc02537.jpg (orange)

What about the "Red Flush" variety? I had a young one once, then gave it away, as I'd seen too many "red flush" pictures with half-green pitchers, then regretted it after seeing better pitchers (1). Now I have the chance to order one again from C. Klein in Germany. Do these eventually become really red?

Pointers would be mucho appreciado .....


(1) Spontaneity keeps me young. It also keeps me from ever doing anything smart...