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Thread: Once again, ventricosa seed available

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    Greetings all,

    Once again I have a mountain of ventricosa seed available. The mother was a typical pink variety, the father a red. Pictures of both parents are can be seen at The first two pics are the mum, the third is the dad.

    As I did last year, I will send a big batch to one person in each region who will volunteer to distribute in their country to those who want some, as obviously self-addressed stamped envolopes only work in the relevant country.

    Even though the seed is only ventricosa, it is something easy for those with little or no experience in growing Neps from seed to have a try on.

    Please PM me if you are interested. For the US representative, I will send the seed in a bubble-wrapped envelope to try to avoid the problems with last year's batch.

    Cheers, Hamish
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    Well I doubt I'd be the best person to distribute, as I'm usually busy with school nonsense, but I'd sure like to try to start some seeds again. Last year my pots got all mossed over before any seedlings struck. :(
    Thanks again Hamish!

    PS - There's an extra period at the end of the URL in your link there.
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