Hi Joe & Robert,

The ebb/flow table is different, more for doing a whole bunch of plants instead of the odd one or two. Basically the table is a watertight plastic box with a solenoid controlled drain valve and pump. There's a grid ontop (eggcrate) that has spaces to hold pots of various sizes (usually net pots) the table is flooded and then drained out a few times per hour. You need fast draining/open media for this (hence the net pots). Because otherwise the water will just sit on the roots and that's the same as clogged soil that doesn't drain.

What you guys mention is what I was gonna do for some Darlingtonias this spring/summer, just have a trickle from a small pump. An aquarium power head is cheaper than an actual "pump". Just gotta be sure the soil ingredients you use will drain rapidly as you may encounter root rot otherwise.

BTW if you want to try clay for your plants check out the fabricated soils for planted aquariums, Flourite by Seachem and there are others now too which are baked clay granules that are perfect size (about 2-3mm) to give tons of surface area and water retention but not compacting. Add some sphagnum to lighten it a bit and add a tad more water retention to keep it from dryng too quick. The Flourite brand is slightly Iron enriched so you may want to watch it. Plain old fashioned Kitty Litter (no fancy color specks or scent absorbing stuff) is fired clay granules that are neutral in PH and chemical composition and often used as a base for planted aquariums when Flourite or similar products are not available. Kitty Litter is very dusty (as is the Flourite) so you must rinse and rinse and rinse til the water runs clear before use.