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Thread: growth freeze

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    it appears that my inermis suddenly decided not to grow anymore. when i got i about a year ago it grew fine and even much faster than the others.
    but in the past months it refuses to show new growth and its lower leaves are turning yellow though not dieing.
    its quit strange because all my other highlanders are growing just fine(lowii hamata glabrata etc).
    its growing in pure sphagnum
    rather high light levels because his fellow plants have obtained reddish leaves
    during the day tmp's are 20-25C , 70% humitidy
    and night its 15C , 90% humidity.
    any advise will be more then welcomed!
    thanks ,

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    Hi Andy, my guess is there's not much happening below the soil line. I would suggest that you unpot it and repot it in new soil containing a mix of fine grade orchid bark or coconut husk chips, charcoal and chopped sphagnum moss. Being an epiphyte N. inermis (along with N. lowii and others) appreciate a rapidly draining soil and too much dampness on these types of species roots will cause them to stop growing or even rot away. I had always used pure LFS until one day my non-growing inermis got knocked to the ground and I had to repot it, lo and behold there was no root system, just one little string. After slicing the stem where the rooots should have been and soaking in some plant hormone I potted it in an open fast draining mix and it became a vine about a year later!

    BTW I'd try and get those night time temps down a bit further to at least 10-12*C. Keep the air moving during the day too if possible, this will give you harder leaves and stems and allow you to add more light if you wish without burning the plants.

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