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Thread: N. Hamata

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    Is the N. Hamata a highland or lowland? Can it be in direct sunlight outside like my N. Ventricosa will be? Is this a hard or easy nep to take care of?

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    N. hamata is a more difficult highlander. It is reported to be less adaptable than most highlanders, but it is a good candidate for mild climates. I believe that Capslock has a hamata that grows as a hanging houseplant in his kitchen window, and Neps Around the House reports that it is easy and compatible with outdoor growing in appropriate zones once it has reached a mature size. From what I gather, the chief difficulty in raising a hamata is getting it past the seedling/yearling stage to adult size; apparently the juveniles are much more fragile and demanding than established plants. You can do some searching on Google and BobZ's photo site and I'm sure you'll find plenty of info - this species is very popular. Best luck.
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