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Quote[/b] (srduggins @ July 12 2006,9:33)]Good work Steve! We need more people pushing the boundaries on growing these plants. You could probably give them even more direct sun. Mine get sun until noonish. I got tired of trying to acclimate Miranda outdoors and just stuck it in my mini-greenhouse. Maybe I'll take it back out now that it is summer. I shudder to think how your Neps will react in winter. Most of mine slow down or even stop growing and I'm in southern California with average temps at least 10 degrees higher and no nights below freezing. Good growing and keep us posted.
Yayyy.. *my hosting site is finally up and running again so now you can see all the earlier photos.

Steve, as you can see now, my plants did not like wintertime here at all. All existing pitchers dried up almost immediately and the whole plant basicly shut down for several months. On the plus side, the 2 that I experimented with by leaving them out in the yard survived just fine and in fact those 2 were the faster to bounce back when spring finally decided to arrive this year.

This fall I plan to buy one of those small greenhouse shelf deals with the plastic cover to put my Neps into when the cold weather returns. Hopefully that will do the trick to keep them at least growing, if not pitchering.