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Thread: Will moving kill the pitchers?

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    I moved my neps outside because I knew it was going to pour so I figured I would bring them so I don't have to use put my distilled water for their downpour. The conditiond are about the same 80's with about very humid conditions because it just rained. Will moving them from the window to outside kill any pitchers?

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    I think it depends a lot on the species, and the general status of the plant in question. A healthy, energetic, well-established x Ventrata probably wouldn't object, but other varieties may not fare as well. If the temperature and humidity is fairly close to what your plants experience indoors, then I doubt you'll lose many pitchers. However, Neps are notoriously picky and I wouldn't be surprised if you see a slowdown in growth for a month or so as a result of the move. My Neps don't even like being taken out of the terrarium for a few minutes to be watered - they do notably better when I let them go dry for a week or two at a time with only daily misting for water. Of course, my case is extreme since I see some very low RH levels in my apartment (>10% on a windy day) but do keep in mind that consistent conditions are of paramount importance to most Neps.
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