Hi All

The NASC Auction is up and running! Its going very well. There are some GREAT plant offerings up. Check it out. And don't forget that new items are listed every day...and that "good stuff" is on the last page too. Look through ALL the pages.

Although the auction is going well, we need more donations! If you have any spare plants/seeds sitting around (or just anything interesting), PLEASE consider donating to a very worthy cause.

Remember, as NASC advances closer to its goals, this will eventually mean more Sarracenia available to us all and for less cost. As we propagate both common and rare plants placed into the conservancy, these will become available to the public at lower prices in order to discourage poaching for wild-grown plants. We will HAVE those wild-grown plants in our conservation program! One seed cap can produce hundreds of plants, so imagine how many plants will be under the auspices of our regional growers!

So this is something that will, in time, benefit everyone...and generations to come who will still be able to enjoy these awsome plants.

As Copper said, "Dig deep" and donate!

We thank all of you who have already generously donated some great items!