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Thread: Amps and Roaches and Orcs, Oh My! PART TWO

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    Part 2: Other Stuff

    N. x 'Red Dragon' (thorelii x truncata)

    N. mixta x maxima

    S. leucophylla

    VFT at lunch (small roach, I reckon)

    N. thorelli. What a fantastic species. Summertime, wintertime, tank-bound or outdoors, in every kind of lighting - it always produces copious amounts of colorful pitchers. Plus, it's quite a compact grower!

    N. alata

    Oncidium hybrid

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    Great photos! Thanks for sharring.

    I know what you mean about Big Bertha - I have a similar situation. However, mine is in a tank, so I was forced to snip the main vine several months (9? 10?) ago. Darn thing is almost back to needing another snip! Once those amps get on a roll, they don't stop for nothin'.... They're like the Juggernaught of neps.
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