Hi All,
In the name of Thai CP/Paph. enthusiasts group , I would like to invite Board members to to join the CP/Paph. Photo Contest just for fun . You donít need to pay a cent , only select the best 1-2 pictures of yours and mail to snong70@yahoo.com (the license is still yours).
We periodically perform a contest in order to challenge our members and share experience . Though all of us are only amature photographers , but in this July Contest , we plan to extend our activity to foreign CP/Paph. enthusiasts to widen our vision . It would be very beneficial and challenging if we can invite CP/Paph. enthusiasts to send their photos and share experiences how to grow CP/Paph. in their countries.
If you would like to support our activity , you can read more in details very soon (I'm translating) at
Thank you.
Nong / Thailand