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Quote[/b] (droseradude @ June 15 2006,12:43)]If you wanted to you could go "all out lowland" which means putting it in a superhumid tank that's really warm (80+) and has medium light. For me, plants like ventricosa can grow in more mild conditions but things like raff need more intense.
That is about what I am doing. I am in Florida and my Raff is in an east window, in an enclosure made of two of those big clear plastic storage containers (they are not absolutely clear, but enough light gets through) with about 3/16" air space between. It is about 90 deg F and 90% humidity during the day.

It has pitchered on every leaf for the 6 years that I have had it. It was from a Florida nursery, so maybe it was used to the heat and humidity already. Maybe yours just needs a little more light as suggested and maybe a little longer to get adjusted.