Hi Mr. Aga,

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Quote[/b] ]During Autunn and winter the temperatures in my terrarium are the most of the time 25 Celsius during day and 15 Celsius during night.
Now that we are here in Summer the muluensis has temperatures ranging the most of time between 33 Celsius during day and 25 Celsius during night.
I suspect that your temperatures, especially during the night, are too high. I grow N. muluensis with overnight temperatures around 10 to 12 C year round. My experience suggests that warmer night temperatures inhibit pitchering. Daytime highs for my plants are typically 20 to 22 C. So, try cooling it down a bit more and see if that helps you. I think that this is the best advice I can give you. Hope that it works!

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Quote[/b] ]Neps those are some fantastic pictures! Your plants and phot skills are simply AWESOME. Thanks for sharing those plants with us. I for one am still relatively new to Nepenthes and some of your photos have shown me some very interesting plants I wouldn't mind owning in the future. Thanks again.
Thank you, Josh! I am pleased that you've enjoyed the photos.

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Quote[/b] ]hmmmmmmmmmmm that veitchii looks familiar, would it be the one i sent yah?
It is indeed! Thank you again! I love it!

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Quote[/b] ]Great pictures Neps! Yes welcome back!
Those hamata and macrophylla pics are outstsanding....wow!...very inspiring!

***please post more**
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Quote[/b] ] I especially like the N. tentaculata G. Rajah.

Please post more,
Thanks! I'll do my best to get a few more up sometime soon. Glad you like 'em!