I recently set up a tall Gro-Pro plastic greenhouse kit as a highland Nep terrarium. I'm lighting it with Fluorex lights, which get pretty hot, and I have an ultrasonic humidifier to keep things moist, but had to move in a cool mist humidifier because it was the only type of fan I had handy that would take the moisture. It works alright, but I found myself having to place the second humidifier directly beneath my one net pot of alata x (x. Ventrata), which has consequently been drying much faster than usual.
So, in an attempt to block the draft at the bottom of the pot, I placed it in a large, shallow tray about one and a half inches deep. Now, laziness causes me to wonder... could I keep my Nep watered longer by keeping the tray wet? Like, maybe... continuously wet? My thought is that the net pots would allow for enough air circulation to offset the moisture in the media. I don't remember exactly what that pot is planted with, but it looks like it's LFS on the outside with peat/perlite/LFS for fill. Any thoughts? I think I'm going to try some intermittent flooding and watch to see how it responds.