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Thread: red spots

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    i moved my plant from the floorin front of my window to a small table in the same spot but now my plant looks awful and all the leaves are getting red spots all over, any ideas as to why?

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    The differential diagnosis for the red leaf spots is:

    1. Viral infection of the leaf. This is spontaneous and can't be treated.
    2. Exposure to strong light: This can increase anthocyanin production in the leaf and give it a red-hue. It's unlikely given your story unless the plant was moved to a very bright location. If so, this means your plant is adapting to the stronger light--you can lessen the reddening by reducing the light level.
    3. The plant may be in poor health and the leaves may be dying. Chlorophyll is usually the first pigment to degrade, leaving the leaf with either a yellow or reddish color. This is usually due to a drastic change in growing conditions or chronically poor growing conditions. Only you can know if this is the case. TIf so, there's nothing you can do to reverse the current discoloration but you can prevent future discoloration by providing better growing conditions.

    Hard to diagnose and determine the etiology without a better description or pictures.

    Hope this helps,

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