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Thread: N. ventrata cuttings

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    I have a N. ventrata that has multiple climbing stems. The longest is about 6 feet long with the smallest stems between 2-4 feet. Is there any reason not to make cuttings from the largest vine? I would like to see it flower but it never has. It's getting way too big.

    How low can the temperatures get before it begins to suffer? Central Florida only gets into the 30's maybe 3 times a year and for a very short period. Any suggestions

    Here is a picture of the beast inside being protected from our first cold night.


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    Cuttings should be fine. As for the temps, a frost will definitely hinder your plant, but N. x ventrata is pretty hardy and I doubt a few nights near freezing will push it over the edge. If you must have it outside, try to shelter it from cold winds, as they can dehydrate a plant very quickly. I wouldn't recommend keeping your plant much below 50's at night, but I also wouldn't worry much if you had to leave it out on one cool night.
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