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Thread: Slack-Potting Neps

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    When I first started with CPs, Neps were very intimidating. I had a little N. x ventrata that was always very moody and uncooperative, and I was convinced that I would never be able to cultivate Neps well. Little did I know that my plant was a TC mutant that would never grow well, even in optimum conditions. I've obtained many different plants since then and gained a lot of confidence in my abilities. Last spring I began experimenting with net pots in wet trays. My N. sanguinea and (non-mutant) x ventrata have both done well with this method, so I've become more bold.
    Recently I had several pots in my lowland tank with nothing but LFS growing in them, getting prepped to grow D. prolifera offsets. I ran out of space in that tank for Neps; half the tank has a surface raised above the water level for keeping Neps and the other half has tropical Utrics and humidity-loving Drosera sitting in water. So, I just stuck the excess Neps on top of the largers pots with LFS in them. Since then, keeping those Neps watered and happy seems much, much easier. I'm presently growing N. rafflesiana, x coccinea, and x edinensis in this manner.
    At first I misted/watered them with the rest of the plants, but since then the LFS from the bottom pots has trailed over the edge and into the water below, and LFS growing in the Nep pots has likewise scrambled down to entangle with the bottom pots, creating a gentle wicking process that keep the Neps lightly watered at all times. So, I seem to effectively be Slack-potting my Neps now. Has anyone else tried something like this? I'd be interested in hearing your results.
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    Sounds like a good idea since many nepenthes grow in live sphag in the wild. It would stand to reason if you can keep the Sphag happy you keep the plant happy too. I might have to try the when I finaly get organized.
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    I tried it with N. rajah (basically pot within a pot of moss) for the pitchers to rest and develop on. Worked mildly well.

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