I have an N. sanguinea that I think it's either sick.. or it's vining. I've never had one vine before so I really don't know what they do when they start to vine. Anyways.. my sanguinea currently only has 3 healthy (and they're VERY healthy leaves) and also 3 (soon to be 4) healthy pitchers. The leaves are also sort of growing on a stem that's about 2-3 inches high which is such a weird way for it to grow. Anyways, it's ACTING healthy but it doesn't necessarily LOOK healthy... I don't know, but the way it's growing is just telling me that something is up, good or bad, something is up. I'll try to get a picture later if it will help at all. I did post a picture a while ago but it's since changed and I've trimmed it a lot (only dead leaves). I should also mention that there's a hole in the medium right next to the roots so some of the roots are exposed if you look down, I would assume that this is from over pressured watering, but even that doesn't seem right.. I don't know if that's a problem or not.

I'd just like to get a head start on fixing this problem since it's been doing so well.