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Thread: possiblity of growing these plant

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    possiblity of growing these plant

    N. talangensis and tentaculata.

    outside spring summer fall inside winter in NC.

    some people say neps are a lot tougher but im not sure.

    trying to build a terrarium, but having a hard time

    i think i saw a person growing rajah on a windowsill in this forum

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    They do fine in tyical highland temperatures. Are you close to the ocean? I think NC gets more humid than where I am. Definitely colder! I would think that you could grow those guys outdoors from spring to early fall and then move them indoors to a sunny window location during the winter months making sure the temp around the window isn't freezing either. Keep in mind talangensis is a slow grower. Maybe experiment with faster growing highlanders or hybrids to see what your plants will tolerate. Mine outdoors can go to the low 40's with no problem. Below 40 for extended times is troublesome. Give it a try and let us know what happens.


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