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Thread: Tips to repot...

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    Talking Tips to repot...

    Hey guys, im going to repot a couple of my nepenthes (my ampullaria already outgrow the current pot, its pitchering like crazy even with a short photoperiod and lower temperature)... on the past I have repot a lot of plants but this will be my first time with the nepenthes and I dont have any idea how fragile the root sistem is on the nepenthes.

    I have use clay pots on the past to make more easy the repot (just crack the pot and take the plant carefully!) and I was thinking do the same with my nepenthes... I use RO water but still have my doubts using clay pots (mineral buildup or some bacteria or fungus grow due porosity of material), so almost for sure I will end using a plastic one .

    How do you repot your plants?

    How you take it out from the current pot and don't mess with the roots and the pitchers?

    Do you use Rooting Hormones to help on the transition?

    N. Albomarginata, N. Ampullaria
    N. Bellii, N. Bicalcarata, N. Rafflesiana
    N. Sanguinea (Orange Pitcher), Cephalotus Follicularis

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    All I do when time to repot is do not water for a day or two depending on how wet the media is. If you are truly ready for a repot the roots should hold the media and you can just gently lift out of old pot and place in new pot with media intact. Then just fill around gently so as not to disturb the root ball.
    Must be very careful with belli and bical as roots can be sensitive. Especially belli seems to be very sensitive. The other species I have had no problems with repots.

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