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Thread: Mites in the soil?

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    Mites in the soil?

    While watering my Ventrata tonight I noticed small white mite things walking the tops of he soil, and a small patch of web like stuff growing, I scooped out the web stuff but am wondering If I should transplant one of my . D. spatulata seedlings or will they kill it?

    Will hey harm my Ventrata? it's already mature and really big so Im not sure if they are too bad for it, is there another way to get rid of these things without having to buy some pestacide? maybe some soapy distilled water?

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    Sounds like mites to me. And yes, that's a bad thing.
    I don't really get pests in my chamber, so I don't really know what to tell you, but you probably need to buy an acaricide. They're only like $8 tops...not really going to break the bank.
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