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Thread: Nepenthes Disaster

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    Nepenthes Disaster

    Ahh crap. I'm really sad.

    My beautiful little N. ventricosa 'red' just had a terrible accident.

    On occasion, a few morons manage to knock over some CPs on my windowsill or the wind does it, and, I stand them back up. Now was no different. I reached over to lift my P. moranensis var. caudata back up and I bumped my N. ventricosa and it flew out of it's pot. At first I thought, "crap." The last time this happened the plant and the soil flew out, the soil still around the plant. This time, though, the plant broke clear off the stem and the part with all the leaves and pitchers lay on the stairs. For now, I put it next to the stem which remains intact in the LSM. Is it possible the broken part will root or is it just going to die? It took sooo long for it to grow and I am really sad that this happened to it.
    - NeciFiX

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    which broken part? You should be able to root the part with the pitchers and the root section might start a basil. Just root the pot portion like it was a cutting.
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