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Thread: Why is my cutting sucking so much?!

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    Why is my cutting sucking so much?!

    Ok so I received a N. Maxima cutting from Pyro two weeks ago. I cut the bottom leaf off, and cut the two top ones in half, and have it placed in pure LFS. This week the top leaf completely browned, but it wasn't looking good when it arrived either so I'm not really worried about that, and plus the second leaf still has green pigment in it. However, when I went to cut off the top browned leaf, my scissors locked onto the cut leaf, and I ended up pulling the whole cutting out of the media. Luckily it seemed to not matter because it had NOTHING that resembled a root growing out of it. The notches that I made at the bottom of the cutting and the actual very bottom slice are both totally black. So my question is am I doing something wrong, or am I just being too impatient? Thanks for any replies!!


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    Mine doesn't sound as bad off as yours does, but I used the Ludwig method for rooting and placed rooting hormone on it. So far no roots for me either. Nor is the plant making any growth from the nodes. Mine had pitcher still and I left the leaves and filled them with water so maybe that is why mine is not looking worse than it might if I cut the leaves. Maybe your humidity is not up high enough. I dunno I am still getting used to cuttings.
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