I have seriously tried just about everything to make this guy perk up and nothing is working. I know it will grow as an intermediate supposedly but not under my conditions... so, I moved it into my lowland tank. It started to take off like crazy but now all of a sudden it looks like this:


Currently the temps are high 80's-90's humidity is up there above 70% at least. Light is under 4- 4ft daylight tubes. Media is orchid bark sphagnum mix 50:50. Air circulation is provided with a 40 f^3/m fan blowing on it in a 12x24x18 aquarium. Should I just give up on this thing? Maybe I'm not meant to grow lowlanders. If so, there goes my hope for N. "Margarita" [(N.inermis x N. albomarginata) X N. inermis].

My only guess is that the red splotches indicate too much light? Is that possible? And there are no visible signs of pests by the way. None of my other Nepenthes are showing anything like this... Perhaps rust?

Thanks for all the help everybody,