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Thread: Humidity and my neps

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    Humidity and my neps

    I have a growrack that I setup primarily to deliver light to my neps, as I don't get enough natural light from the windows. Secondarily, I use it to keep humidity high. It's normally around 25 - 30% humidity here. I have clear cellophane and mylar encasing it with an automatic humidifier inside. It works great keeping the humidity up. But it's a pain keeping that thing filled with water in such a low humidity environ. Basicallly it has to run all the time. Our water is very hard, so as to avoid caking the inside in white, I have to use RO water, and it rips through it mighty fast.

    I've heard of people keeping neps in low humidity and still have great pitchers. So, I've started wondering if I could nix the humidifier. I understand some plants can take it greater than others. If even one plant on my list couldn't handle it, I'll keep the setup as is and just keep filling the humidifier as always.

    So could any of these handle such low humidity?

    Red Leopard
    ventricosa red
    sanguinea red
    thorelii x (spectabilis x northiana)
    Lady Pauline
    muluensis x lowii
    talangensis x veitchii
    intermis x ventricosa
    spectabilis x aristolochioides
    spectabilis x mira

    I'm worried mostly about the jacquelinae (which is one of my best growers right now), glabrata, and mul x lowii. Like I said, if even one can't hack it, they all get to keep the first class treatment, even though it's kind of a pain. So - what say you?? Play it safe and stay as is or try toughen 'em up?

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    im sure most of those could easily handle low humidity. My terrarium has been a bit....dry lately from the heat weve had, and i dont even get to get my nighttime drop for my highlanders right now really...atleast not indoors
    yet my lowii is growing strong. so is my baby bongso, and my other small neps inside.
    my larger neps are outside
    and it seems as if one of my rajahs is inflating a pitcher even though lately we have only had 30% humidity

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    I grow a few in your list like red leopard, ventricosa, sanguinea, spectabilis, inermisxventricosa...

    I don't own a terrarium. So yes. I know those will be fine.
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    Red Leopard def
    ramispina prob not
    ventricosa red def
    bongso finding out myself currently....
    sanguinea red def
    singalana doubt it
    thorelii x (spectabilis x northiana) probably
    Lady Pauline def
    jacquelinae doubt it
    muluensis x lowii IME, no
    talangensis x veitchii maybe
    intermis x ventricosa prob
    glabrata nope
    spectabilis not for me
    spectabilis x aristolochioides prob not
    spectabilis x mira prob not
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