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Thread: Interesting features - N. Splendiana x veitchii

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    Yeah you do have a good point, krueger. But I wasn't exactly trying to say exactly how it happened, I was just sort of pouring stuff outta my mind and writing it down.

    But, if you look closely at xvart's second picture, the pitcher in focus (at 12 o'clock) has its wings fused with the leaf edge. That makes me think that that is how wings may have developed earlier on. Also, the leaf edge has hairs not unlike the hairs on the wings.

    I dunno, once again I could just be blabbing.

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    JC. I have seen this on other seedlings I have had. The plant grows out of it as it matures unfortunately and starts growing tendrils.

    All my gracilis seedlings were doing that until I killed them recently. I know I am a bad grower lately. Any how I assumed they would grow out of it.

    I look forward to seeing your plants as they grow.
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