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Thread: Mold?

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    I recently recieved two rooted cuttings of N. 'ventrata' and have noticed that one of them appears to have small white clusters on its leaves. I examined them under a 10x hand loop and they are wispy and dont appear to be insect eggs. Does this sound like mold and should I be concerned. Could this be the result of them being closed up for shipping? I have them outside so I dont think air circulation is a current problem.

    Also as a side question the first leaf of the newly active node has died and turned black on the one without the white "mold" is this a bad sign?
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    It doesn't matter much if the first leaf died. It will activate a dormant node or send up a basal. It the one with white clusters bothers you buy a fungicide. however it might be a better idea to wait a month or two to see if it is harmful.

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