So far this Nep. is recovering pretty well to it's new enviroment and I've had my N.Sibuyanensis X Hamata since september 11 and today it's started showing some signs that it's growing here's a small update once it's formed it's second pitcher I'll post another progress report.

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Oooh, ok. Then the reason why it's tubbier is probably because of variation. It looks better tubbier IMO :3
I like both tubby and slender variation, but I like the tubby pitcher a bit more too.

I also included a couple of pictures of my N.sanguinea from Andy after repotting it made a deformed pitcher quite odd looking, but the next one forming after that is looking normal luckily also it's leaves got a little color when there were alot of sun so it got a little bronze sorry the pics are a bit blurry it's storming right now so I didn't have good lighting. =\