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Thread: questions about nepenthes leafs grow

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    what is upper pitch and lower pitcher?

    hello pplz

    i have seem same plant producing different pitchers, upper and lower... what are those

    and i have also growing them in terrarium for some times and the tiny terrarium is crowded with nepenthes,, so most of ya grow them outdoor or indoor,,, the problem i have on kitchen windowsill is that mold and fungus grow very easily,, and outdoor day time humidity is like 40 average summer to fall, and spring is at 60% so ya i want to grow them outdoor is this possible? and temperature is around 90 ~ almost 100 in summer, fall around 75 to 85 in fall season, and spring is perfectly good for growing them outdoor. night time temperature drop about 15 F degree
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    That's typically a plant that has multiple growth points. So the main (older) part will start vining a produce uppers and the younger basel growths will still have lowers on it. Also you will see this just as the plant starts to change from lowers to (intermediate?) to uppers.

    Basically the difference between the two is uppers are smaller, and the tendril connects to the pitcher from the back, not the front. And the tendril usually has more curls in it when it's an upper.

    At least I think this is mostly correct. haha

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    Pretty good summation, Andrew.

    To add to that, the tendrils on the uppers are longer and windier because they're used as grips in nature to support the vine. The wind around things so the plant can grow upward. Typically, tenrils that have wound around something will develope much larger pitches that those that haven't.
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