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Thread: Nep over fish tank and under light?

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    Nep over fish tank and under light?

    It has been a very long time since I've had any cp's. I had an outdoor bog that I kept successfully for a few yrs. I grew S. purpurea, S. flava, and 'Tarnock'. They did great until one winter that had wildly fluctuating temps. That caused the roots to heave. They of course then freeze dried. That discouraged me from trying any more outdoors.


    One of my own intentionally crossed hybrids (I'm no bee's flunky ;-) lives on with a friend in GA. So all was not lost. She named it. LOL

    Since I'm not looking to have any more freeze dried pitchers, I thought why not try a Nep. I had one for a time (yrs ago) from a Lowe's death cube that I rescued. It did so-so in the wash room. I really didn't have the set up for it then. Maybe I still don't, but I'm hoping to find out.

    This is the situation, the house is heated with wood in the winter. The typical humidity is 50% during winter, checked yesterday at 52%. However, I breed guppies. My 10 gal tank for culls has a grow light over it and the duckweed is flourishing, if that's any sign. The humidity above the tank is 80% with good air flow. The end I snapped the pic through is open.

    I could raise the light some if needed.

    So I was thinking of maybe hanging a lowland species between water and light? Would have to be one that wouldn't get excessively large and wouldn't grow much if any beyond a 10 gal tank. Any such species?

    Thanks for any info!

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    I like that idea! I've got an N. globosa in a ten gallon tank. It's the slowest growing thing alive.

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