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Thread: Hey Elgecko, Little Hookriana..

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    Hey Elgecko, Little Hookriana..

    Well Steve, since the day i got this cute as a button little nep from you it has done nothing but grow and pitcher like CRAZY It has kept its first pitcher for the loooooooongest time "MONTHS" and still has it, i think out of all mine and Jens neps this is the only one that retains its pitchers the longest. It has finaly put out bigger leafs now and still very very nice looking pitchers with awsome wings.. It has pitchers ALL the way around it. I will get some better pics tomarrow outside and post um here.. This was just a quick pic i took while i had some of the lowland neps outa there grow chamber while i was cleaning and re-aranging it. It just loves being smotherd in the moss..

    It is still my #1 all time fav nep..
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    Looking good Tracey. It's very happy under your care.

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