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Thread: Bicalcarata conditions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brokken View Post
    It sounds to me like you've already made up your mind about the bical and are trying to justify it by asking questions on how to keep from shooting up and becoming the giants that they're destined to become. Why not go with something smaller?
    I would but those fangs, they're so amazing!

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    They had a 7 inch leaf span, and about 4 inches tall, the one that almost 90 % had went from that to 15 inch leaf spant to 9 inches tall.

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    I've grown a N.ampullaria and a N.Bicalcarata at a windowsill so far they're doing ok my N.Amp has two pitchers and the bical none it's steadly growing the temps they get now are 66F to 70F day and night 65F humidity about 50% day and 60% night or something like that hopefully they'll be happier once I get some good lights for them..

    Like everyone has said it's possible it'll grow more slower and when you first get the nep it'll be used to it's warm growing condition where ever you bought it from so it might go into shock going from one place to another mine did did't grow for a week after it arrived and being repotted, but now it's better the leaves look lot healthier than when I first got it.

    Since it's winter try to give it some lights if you do get it so it can grow it's starting to get more darker where I live so that's what I'm doing soon I can't stand to see my neps pitcherless.. D:
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