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Thread: tropical plants need to be moved

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    They might not be happy about it, but they'll definitely survive.
    The D. adelae may present a problem but will also probably live. If you're worried about it, give it one of those compact fluorescent screw-ins in a desk lamp or something.
    As for greenhouse lights, you should just go for plain shoplights and ordinary cool/warm white bulbs. They work fine and are much cheaper than anything marketed specifically for growing plants.
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    Thanks, my adelae has recovered from a lot of things very fast so as long as it lives I fine. It recovered from dormancy! (My window got very cold and it spent like 3 months in high 30's and low 40's temps. My dad bought them for me because he knew I would complain. I managed to get my sar seedlings like 6" from the lights, is that good? Also I just plugged in a mini firde I found in my basement and put my S. "judith hindel" in there. Will that be good for dormancy?

    Sorry for mixxing plants, I just didn't want to make 3 different threads and I mostly have neps. Thanks for all the help to!

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