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Thread: What's wrong? Disease?

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    Quote Originally Posted by obregon562 View Post
    looks like wet feet. The soil probably compacted to a point were oxygen couldnt be absorbed properly. try adding perlite to you mix or some a=airator.
    Definitely not that. The mix was new when I put it in there when I recieved the plant, and it does dry out before watering. Plus I took a 'core sample' with a narrow plastic tube inserted into one of the corners. It's came out very loose and airy, not compacted at all - it's a chunky, airy mix. The APS is creating tons of volume and air pockets. It's like Perlite but doesn't float. The coco chunks are still in great shape - look fresh and new still. The only thing that may keep it wet is the finely choppped sphagnum, but it do assure it dries out somewhat between waterings via weighing it in hand and a moisture meter inserted all the way to the bottom of the pot.

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    I have different Neps do this as well.

    I've always assumed that it was natural dying off of leaves as they age. Only accelerated due to the lack of proper nutrients and live prey.

    I've never encountered pests or fungus in my Neps.

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