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Thread: How slow is nepenthes villosa?

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    Quote Originally Posted by obregon562 View Post
    villosa is sloooooooow. A few people in europe have 14 year old plants, grow from seed, that are less than 5" in diameter. Othe rplants from the same batch are almost vining, so, go figure. Granted there are many factors affecting speed, but still its slow.
    differences in growing conditions cause this as does the variety in genetic make up of the individual plants........from the last batch of nep seed i sowed several months ago ive got plants every where from almost 3 inches in diameter to barely a 1/2 of an inch......and most all sprouted within 7 days of each other......all growing in the same tray receiving the same light, temps and water.....for example when i plant vegetable seed in my garden, after the first month or so i cull on average 20% of the seedlings because their growth rates are showing that they arent likely to produce during my short growing season....

    this sort of thing is why i laugh when individuals make blanket statements that all seed grown material is superior to TC......ive messed with thousands of TC plants while working for 6 seasons at a local greenhouse......are there the occational freaks and culls in TC material? sure, but the cull rate tends to be much higher in seed grown material cause your rolling the dice with every seed.....genetic diversity is a great thing, but its also far from a sure thing on getting a great plant....especially when buying very young plants.....
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    In regards to being the slowest I have heard that Edwardsiana can be even slower. But I am skeptical because it grows at lower elevations then Villosa. I would love to get one of either though because it would be small for a long time, easy for me to care for.
    LOOKING FOR: N. (argentii x bicalcarata) x {[(lingulata x edwardsiana) x (naga x hamata)] x [(klossii x undulatifolia) x (aristolochioides x rajah)]} Growlist:

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    I would really have to agree that Nepenthes villosa is quite slow. I have had other highland Nepenthes germinate from seed, begin to produce a vine and flower, while villosa set out its first minute but welcomed pitchers.

    But, I am in it for the long haul (I hope) . . .
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