Hey guys

Will be getting one soon and i want to grow it in typical highland conditions but i heard that its more of a intermediate then a highlander....Plus the plant is i guess already adapted to lowland conditions...I've seen cool growing neps growing quite well in hotter climates but having smaller leaves and smaller pitchers and less colour..So thats why i want to move this little guy i will be getting to its coller conditions which if i want to must be my chiplak terrarium which has temps during the day at max 29C and and night when i cool it down it goes around 14-17C mostly on the cooler side sometimes even reaching 13C...All this temps i'm just relying on a rm5 thermometer..I'm on the fence here...Should i grow it in highland conditions or lowland conditions?? Too cold not good too hot not good either..Also i heard they grow slower in pure highland conditions..Anyways if you guys have this plant grown in whatever conditions i wanna take a look post ya pics