Hi everyone

Well this is a thread made in a local forum thats why i its always growing in lowland conditions where you guys can actually give it highland conditions

Mainly is just asking normally in typical lowland conditions how big pitcher does a ventricosa gives? I can't really say for mine since i cut its main stem to the bottom and left the 2 basals to grow by itself and after many months yeah they seem to grow much faster but still are only about 7-9cm tall since they are compact growersPitchers are numerous in my ventricosa plant pitchering on each leaf but pitchers are only about 5cm or less.They are getting bigger slowly though..And also when my next order of plants come in i shall have more intermediate highlands and intermediates sooo im just gonna put them ALL...in a tray or something and just try my best to mist them and give them a little more shade so that they don't get overheated...I guess plants which will fall under that category would be my albo/ventricosa/lady pauline/veitchii x fusca..And they coming plants would be veitchii hose mountains..(does N dicksoniana count?)I shall try to give them more humidity by lifting them up with stones and having water at the bottom...Since humidity does help seeing some of the pics i see from you guys..Anyways any pics of your intermediates like albo doing well for you?